Empire Consulting is more than Drug Testing

Drug Testing

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Since 2004, Empire Consulting has been servicing the transportation industry for onsite drug testing.  With a focus on customer support and compliance guidance, our team assists every day of the year, whether you need a . background search or schedule drug testing, we are here to help.

Background Checks

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Our exclusive background check process eliminates the guess work and provides current data that is intelligent. Our secure portal can be accessed on many platforms and cater to your criteria. Custom searches are designed to provide the right amount information. 

DOT Compliance

DOT 49CFR Part 40, Background checks, Drug Testing, FMCSA

Are you ready for your next DOT Audit? With our assistance, we can get you organized and ready to go. We can provide mock audits from driver files to complete overview of all your moving parts.

Online School - DOT Classes & Drug Awareness

Online Classes, DOT Reasonable Suspicion, Drug Awareness, DER

Looking for an online class for your required DOT certifications? Visit our online class page, we over over 14 classes that can be viewed at your convenience.

Client Portals

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We offer two intuitive web portals to access all your data.  Our EC Compliance Manager provides information on all your employees that are being drug tested for DOT or DFW Policies.  In addition, our EC Background Check portal is easily accessed through our website to provide customers an quick solution to get the hiring process started.

Free Advice

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Call us, we are happy to answer all your questions. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals that have the knowledge to answer all your questions. The call is free! And yes, we will answer the phone with a live voice.