Onsite or Clinic Drug Testing 24/7

Empire Consulting

Empire Consulting has been servicing Transportation Industry, Service Industries, Corporations, Small Business, Financial Institutions, Schools to provide a comprehensive drug testing program 24/7 for all since 2004.

With our vendor partners and network of on site collectors, we able to cater a drug testing program that fits each clients special needs.   

Do you have one location or are you a company with locations in multiple states?  No problem, we design and accommodate all sizes of business.  After a initial evaluation, we will proved recommendations and options for onsite testing, as well as a network of offsite clinics to ensure your employees have the best options and quickest drug testing results or background checks, if needed.

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If you would like to schedule a 15 minute overview with one of our trained specialist, please contact us and we will respond immediately to your request.  

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